In a small company where everyone wears multiple hats, it is very likely to cut back on HR responsibilities to focus on other things especially in India. For a small business, people are your best resource. That means you can’t afford to skip on your human resources efforts, if HR is doing its job then employee performance, commitment, and loyalty will increase which in turn should help your business achieve its objectives and accomplish its mission. There are statistics that support the importance of good HR for small businesses. HR simply means a strategic approach to the effective management of people in a company. It’s primarily concerned with the management of people within organizations, focusing on policies and systems, overseeing employee-benefits design, employee recruitment, training and development, performance appraisal, and reward management, such as managing pay and benefit systems. A few ways for an effective HR Management in Small Business are

Recruit the right people: Hiring the right people will ease your job rather than investing your time in training them this may look expensive in the beginning but with experienced & qualified people will grow your business at a faster pace. You are also confident of quality of work as you have experts in your company. Small company have budget restraints but this is a must investment 

Establish a strong company culture:  Good employees love to work in a positive culture and result in more productive work than otherwise. Even when new employees join your organisation they are well averse with the company culture and everyone must have similar work guidance and working towards the same goal. This gives them pride for which they work for and are less likely to leave the organisation.

On boarding Process: When the on boarding process takes place when a new employee joins they have a clear idea about their role as well as the company culture. It helps them to adjust quickly as they feel included. All the documentation should be done in a proper way.

Ask for employee feedback:  This is the most important thing to do no matter how many years they have been working, when asked about the feedback it make them feel heard and also make changes if required. As owner you may not understand the minor problems but getting feedback will ease your work and the employees also.

When you don’t have time and afford your employees to divert their time from core functions you can always outsource HR to companies like TMS who have a complete and professional way to handle your HR at affordable rates starting from recruitment till Exit Management. HRTailor gives a complete end to end HR solution starting from Onboarding to Exit Management. This helps you to take care of your Core Business & grow even bigger.

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