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The business world is changing fast, probably faster than ever. Clients are more demanding; markets are adapting and changing all the time. As a manager you need to be agile, resilient and really on the ball. You can’t just sit and wait any more for things to get better. You need to make sure that you have all the right skills to be a great manager and manage your future.

A few skills every manager should have

  1. Communication Skills: The most important skill is communication as manager has to communicate from top level employee to junior & mid-level employees, one miscommunication can create a havoc in company. Having strong communication skills enable a leader to effectively delegate his authority and responsibility to others. listening is also an important factor in communication.

  • Negotiation Skills: Manager has to deal with lot of people be it with colleagues, business partners, suppliers and clients. There are various levels he has to negotiate depending on the other person. This is a skill one cannot afford to not be good at. Manager has to make and take decisions if he is not firm and good at negotiation it will be bad for the company in long and short run.

  • Delegation of work: Manager has to be good at delegating work- to get the work done in most effective and fast way possible. If he tries to do all the work alone the company will never grow big after a certain point. So to manage larger things manager has to delegate the work in such a way that the best in employee is at use this way he can use company resources (manpower) to fullest.

  • Motivating Others: when the work is delegated sometimes employees need motivation to do the work in best possible way. Manager has to motivate directly as well indirectly. Praising for the good work is the basic form of motivation. There various form in which manager can motivate employees giving short term goal, which will give them a sense of accomplishment etc etc.. this skill helps the manager to get the best in employee and get more work done in  effective and time efficient manner.

  • Problem-Solving Skills: Being a manager means solving problems. So be proactive. If you see a way to improve upon an existing process or you recognize a potential problem before it becomes a real issue, take steps to fix the situation. One has to also deal with unions, employees and management that time this skill and innovative thinking really come to help. Situations in this if the manger is not good at communication and problem solving the company can go to extreme problems.

Success in business happens because of successful employees. That being said, strong managers are one of the most critical components of Employee Success. It is very important to have good managers in your company to grow faster. It is very difficult to get the best employee from a limited resource. There are expert companies like Team Management Services that can find the best of Talent as they have a big pool of talent in their network they are expert at Talent Acquisition.

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