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Working from Home has been on the rise for years in many companies. Some offer remote work as a benefits to employees for better work-life balance. But now due to the pandemic, Work from home has become a compulsion to the companies. No matter the size of the company, they have begun rolling out mandatory remote working schemes to promote social distancing and to stop the Covid-19 spread. Employees will be working from home for the first time, which means figuring out how to stay focused in a new environment. But there are ways to get results and avoid going antsy, from setting up a good workspace

Coronavirus or not, the key to working from home is clear communication with your boss and knowing exactly what is expected of you. So, when you do interact with your boss and team from home, it helps the employees to solve their queries instantly. It might not be effective as face to face meeting. But for better results and proper communication, companies can prefer tools like slack, skype call or even zoom app. Remember, going fully remote is the first-time experience for many companies and their staff. Be open about what isn’t working or can’t get done in such circumstances, overall communication is going to be essential.

Most importantly, since the work which you will do will be from home that doesn’t mean that you can lounge around with your pyjamas. Take a shower and dress well and treat this as a real job. So, try something more deliberate instead of lying in bed with a laptop. At the same time be very mindful of the “tech neck” and other ergonomic need though. Still, even with these tools, the enforced & abrupt nature of the transition from an office to a home environment could leave some of the employees struggling to get accustomed to the change. It’s hard to draw a sharp difference between home and office when you’re at home. But to the extent possible, create a space at home that feels like your office to you.

If you’re the type of person who miss taking breaks at home, set an alarm to take time for lunch, and turn off your work, or go for a walk. If you don’t change your place at some point during the day and take a pause, it can make the claustrophobia worse. Try to maintain normal working hours and lastly try and appreciate the benefits that do come with remote working style. You’re not travelling and have more control over your work schedule and extra time with family. Focus on whatever positives you can find and Automate all your HR Related work by outsourcing all the HR activities from Employee Onboarding to Exit Management starting at 399/-

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