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Challenges in pandemic faced by HR

HR professionals are facing a lot of new challenges due to the sudden change occurred in the work culture. The top urgency for HR professionals right now is how to keep the employees involved and deliver the right communication tools as employees are working from home. No one in the corporate world had ever thought what challenges 2020 would bring to the world. HR specialists have surely not imagined the challenges that COVID-19 has dawned on them. The uncertainty has destroyed the economy, employees are in worrying situations, and HR professionals are trying their best to keep everything in productive condition.

The sudden swing in work culture took a toll on overall employee health and wellbeing.  Pressure, stress, and other mental health matters have always been there in the offices but the unexpected COVID-19 outburst has taken the employees mental problems in the front rows. When the employees are working in an workplace environment we can at least recognize their pulse and sensitivity, and that helps you drastically in tackling the problem. But employees going distant, communication ways have been drastically compromised, leaving the bosses clueless or at least less aware. HR professionals all over the world are responding health and wellbeing of employees to be a main fear. The shift to remote work nation is not as easy as it looks. Before the COVID-19 situation, fewer than 50% of organizations had a distant work program. Banks, IT industries, and many services organizations did not come across remote working. But now almost everyone is rushing to construct remote work policies. This has led to many unknown issues. HR teams are trying to construct good paths and policies to overcome the difficulties that has been brought. Strategies are no more planned in advance but in present time. The attention on employee output and engagement has moved to instant replies and analysis. To provide employees with the correct remote working gears and also gather everyday updates from them time to time to offer seamless support.

The major challenge faced by HR teams in these pandemic is due to lack of agility. Many HR teams are not designed for agility. And this affecting the HR professional most of the time. In this emergency, it is important to respond quickly and move faster. But there are many approvals to be taken before action. This decreases the speed of gathering data and take instant actions that a situation demands. But overcoming the current ongoing pandemic Team management services an organization bases in Mumbai has set an example of productive and effective HR work. Team management services has dedicated HR team who are experts in handling such situations and have delivered great results for their clients in managing HR activities even working effortlessly from Home.

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